Promotional videos are one of the top forms of online mass communication that you can benefit from utilising. All businesses, small and large, are jumping on board to get their start with online video – consumers demand it! Please read this in-depth guide, that will explain what goes into a video, and how to make a great promotional for your business or organization.

The 5 Steps: How to Make a Promotional Video

  1. Step 1: Strategic Planning:

    Identifying purpose and strategic goals to the story. Creative brief, story outline, goals, genre, budget, audience, script, storyboard, etc.

  2. Step 2: Pre-Production:

    Planning the technical aspects to creating and filming the video.

  3. Step 3: Production:

    The actual days of the video shoot while on set or on locations.

  4. Step 4: Post-Production:

    Putting the video together through editing and fine-tuning the visuals and sound.

  5. Step 5: Distribution & Marketing:

    Distribution, promotions, media, video search-engine-optimizations and sharing.

These are the five stages that professional video marketers use. Mind you, this differs from video producers, who typically only focus on stages 2-4, the production of the video itself. Video marketers spend time planning the grander vision in stage 1 and then implement in stage 5, the distribution phase. All 5 stages are required for a promotional video to be properly created as implemented.

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